General Electric – Cross Fleet Solutions

The Cross Fleet Business provides a complete suite of lifecycle solutions to increase output and efficiency of SGT-800 and 501F gas turbines, manufactured by Siemens and Mitsubishi,  while significantly decreasing the overall maintenance costs.

The Mitsubishi engine upgrade at Tuxpan, Mexico represents the first 501F gas turbine hardware infused with Cross Fleet GE patented materials technology and improved engine component architecture. GE exceeded its commitment for the project, achieving an output increase of 9.2 percent and a 2.9 percent efficiency improvement, while extending maintenance intervals to 32,000 hours for the 450 megawatt power plant.

GE Cross Fleet Solutions – Project Website

GE Technology to Cross Fleet Gas Turbines (video)

GE Cross Fleet Solutions – 501F Upgrade Tuxpan, Mexico – First Implementation (video)

Applying GE Technology to Cross Fleet Gas Turbines (video)

GE Solutions Optimize Non-GE Power Plant Equipment (video)

Gas Turbine World – GE Cross Fleet Solutions and other OEM business



GE's Cross Fleet Solutions Business targets to service and upgrade industrial heavy-duty gas turbines from other OEMs – including Siemens, Westinghouse, P&W or Rolls-Royce - with GE’s latest gas turbine technology, making the units economically attractive through efficiency, output and emission improvements.

GE's Cross Fleet Solutions Business targets, in the first place, two other OEM turbine models,  SGT-800 and 501F units manufactured by Siemens and Mitsubishi.