Luca Francesco Caracciolo

I am a chartered mechanical engineer with over fifteen years of international experience in aerospace and power generation industries. I have solid analytical skills and an extensive background in leading and coordinating worldwide distributed multi-cultural R&D teams.

I have now the opportunity to coordinate the Digital Enablement Upskilling program of the global chemical specialty company Clariant. In the specific, the program focuses on the organization workforce upskilling in data driven technologies, alongside with the adoption of modern project management working practices like Agile and SCRUM.

Beside my mechanical engineering background, I developed an interest in software coding and the applications of machine learning to industrial challenges.

Corporate Upskilling and Digital Enablement

Digital transformation and companywide advanced data analytics enablement. Systematic upskilling of the organization workforce in data driven technologies. The large scale implementation of advanced analytics and data science methodologies in the extended corporate environment provides significant value creation potential.

The corporate digital transformation process must run beside a digital enablement strategy. The strategy must sustain the change management and support the personnel upskilling, which is required to ensure that all business units can effectively deliver the value created by digital solutions.

Learning Solutions Design

Design of learning solutions in technology ecosystems. Definition of the lifecycle of learning projects from assessment to planning and implementation. Specific focus on the definition of digital learning journeys with innovative technology solutions.

Creation of global learning development systems and frameworks that support and accelerate the adoption of advanced analytics and data science tools and methodologies in the corporate environment. Monitoring of evolving trends and future upskilling requirements of different corporate workforce audiences to architecture the most effective learning programs.

Driving of global learning campaigns and monitoring the adoption, impact and sustainability of the programs. Liaison with vendors to translate business needs into learning solutions and ensuring continuous improvement of the educational product based on users' / stakeholders' feedback.

Data Science, Business Digitalisation and Data Driven Companies

Data-driven company culture is a blend of digital technologies and clean, consistent, complete availability of data along with effective decision-making. Data and analytics are the foundation of any digital transformation initiative. Insights derived from data help companies determine market trends, analyze web traffic, rationalize customer demands, weigh actionable options, and plan corporate strategies.

A data-driven culture must be cultivated creating a sense of responsibility up to the very top of the organizational hierarchy. The essence of this culture must percolate through the layers of the company and accumulate in all business verticals..

Scientific Research Coordination

Capability to liaise between academic and industrial partners strengthened by project coordination experience within the framework of several European Union scientific research programmes in the aerospace and power generation sectors.

Ability to liaise with research centers acquired by dealing with institutions in the United Kingdom, Germany and Russia (Cambridge University, Oxford University, University of Sheffield, the German Aerospace Center DLR, University of Southampton) while improving engine operational flexibility, increase efficiency and extend engine life cycle.

Computational Fluid Dynamic

Expertise in computational fluid dynamic (CFD) and thermal analysis for mechanical systems.

Effective design solutions provider to optimize product functionality and reliability of components and subsystems. Development, verification and validation of multiphase CFD modelling tools.